Thomas's History

June 2014 - Present (4 Years, 10 Months)

SVP, Product Strategy & Design

San Francisco, CA, US

July 2018 - Present (9 Months)

Vice President, User Experience

San Francisco, CA, US

May 2016 - July 2018 (2 Years, 3 Months)

Image Library

With thousands of beautiful stock images available we needed to create a way for users to browse and select images to go with their moments and for their hero image on their profile. Thus was born the TalentSky Image Library. See them. Select them. Love them. Use them.

Director, User Experience

San Francisco, CA, US

June 2014 - May 2016 (2 Years)

As Director of UX at TalentSky I had the amazing opportunity to build a product from the ground up. As a start up, this role entails many hats including visual design, usability research and testing, and interaction design as well as front-end development and accessibility compliance.

Executing on this involved getting together with the stakeholders, talking with potential users, understanding the domain, usability testing, and, of course, iterating. Being a small team the front end developers have plenty enough to do so I jump in and help with the smaller features and visual elements.

TalentSky App V1.0

Building the TalentSky app from the ground up involved bringing together with the stakeholders, talking with potential users, understanding the domain, usability testing, and, of course, iterating.

September 2013 - June 2014 (10 Months)

Director, User Experience

San Francisco, CA, US

At AppMesh I joined with a few fantastic colleagues from Salesforce who set off a little before me to build an iOS CRM built from the ground up as a mobile solution. As Director of UX I took the entire app through a major redesign with the help of the team, users, and another designer we brought on board to help with the fast paced release cycle.

Redesign of SalesMesh App

As the SalesMesh app expanded in scope and features the limitations of the original design started to show. With the help of the team and our other designer we dug deep to define a new approach to the organization of the app across tablet and phone. We talked to customers, reviewed support issues, analyzed existing flows for inefficiencies, and worked on a new visual style and information architecture that would be more conducive to introducing new features.

November 2009 - August 2013 (3 Years, 10 Months)

Architect, Platform UX & Engineering

San Francisco, CA, US

April 2013 - August 2013 (5 Months)

As UX Architect I focused on Universal Design, contributing to the early stages of the Salesforce 1 mobile redesign as well as the Aura project, the in-house and, later, open source framework for front-end development. The latter effort in particular required collaborating on and even assisting in writing the font-end facing code almost more than the interaction specifications themselves to insure standards compliance, accessibility, and use in responsive layouts..

In an effort to see all teams switching over to building features using the Aura framework I participated in code reviews and even sat in on some teams to help them while getting started. The idea was to identify both UX and UI patterns already encapsulated in the framework to reduce redundancy and time to completion along with instructing teams in UD practices.

With this promotion I was the first IC designer to be promoted to Architect level at Salesforce.

Salesforce Aura

“Aura is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices, while providing a scalable long-lived lifecycle to support building apps engineered for growth. It supports partitioned multi-tier component development that bridges the client and server.” Aura is the technology behind Salesforce1.

Principal User Interface Designer & Accessibility Specialist

San Francisco, CA, US

August 2011 - April 2013 (1 Year, 9 Months)

Designed and maintained the UX for the Mobile Dashboards app for the iPad which has been the highest rated Salesforce app for iOS since its debut on the app store, (as of 6/26/12).

Advising both design and engineering on matters of Universal Design and semantic, accessible code.

Created a three member team focused on designing and developing both high and low level components that are fully accessible, semantic, future-proof, that perform well both technically and in interactions, and that are reusable across teams.

With this promotion I was the first IC designer to be promoted to Principal level at Salesforce.

Key Talent

Key Talent is a way for Salesforce to recognize important contributors.

Technology All-Star

The purpose of the Technology All-Star award is to celebrate inspiring technologists, to recognize the unsung heroes, to surface technology leaders at all levels of the org, and to create an award that is recognized in the industry.

Lead User Interface Designer

San Francisco, CA, US

November 2009 - August 2011 (1 Year, 10 Months)

In joining Salesforce as the Lead UI Designer for the Analytics team I was charged with overseeing all reporting and dashboard features of the Salesforce Platform in some cases directly or by working closely with other designers on the team to help establish the direction of their features.

At the same time I took on the role as the in-house accessibility professional after our former expert left and while we searched for a replacement who I helped hire.

Because of my front-end development skills I helped other designers with their prototypes, coaching and mentoring on better coding practices, which prompted me to starting a bi-weekly prototyping class.

Methods and systems for analyzing a network feed in a multi-tenant database system environment

I could post the abstract from the patent but in simpler terms, this was a patent granted for our work on the major redesign to the dashboard builder and display.

June 2009 - November 2009 (6 Months)

Principal User Experience Designer

Petaluma, CA, US

July 2001 - May 2009 (7 Years, 11 Months)

Lead Usability & User Interface Engineer

Redwood City, CA, US

Systems and methods for performing remote configuration compliance assessment of a networked computer device

Qualys' application was among the first remote SASS vulnerability scanners. This patent covers some of that intellectual property.

Qualys SCAP Project

Qualys' offering as a scalable and easily deployable SCAP content processing software-as-a-service.

August 2000 - May 2001 (10 Months)

Sr. User Interface Designer

San Francisco, CA, US

December 1999 - July 2000 (8 Months)

Sr. User Interface Designer

Sunnyvale, CA, US

December 1998 - December 1999 (1 Year, 1 Month)

Web Designer

San Francisco, CA, US

May 1993 - May 1996 (3 Years, 1 Month)

Director of 3D Design

Boston, MA, US

Telepresence was a 3D animation start-up way ahead of the VC funding fiesta of the first DotCom boom. We were a self-funded team working on early prosumer animation software offering video editing and traditional animation services as well.

By today's standards our work wouldn't look like very much at all but at the time it garnered us a Emmy nomination for our work.

Emmy Nomination

In 1995 our 3D animation work was nominated for an Emmy award. Despite being the director of the animation team much of the credit goes to my protégé who quickly eclipsed my skill in all the technical aspects of animation. Not bad for a group of self-taught animators.