July 2014 - October 2019 (5 Years, 4 Months)

SVP, Engineering

San Francisco, CA, US

July 2018 - October 2019 (1 Year, 4 Months)

Skills Recommendation Engine Based on NLP

Designed & Developed Skills Recommendation Engine based on NLP & Word2Vec algorithm, that was initially developed as a prototype to test the viability & accuracy of suggestions based on text input. Prototype was developed in Python/Gensim/numPy/pandas & internal alpha was written in Java/deeplearning4j/ND4J. This recommendation engine accepts text input and recommends respective contextual content like skills based on skills vector embeddings & its similarity order against the input. REST API & Framework for the engine was initially prototyped using Eclipse vert,x and final implementation was done using sparkjava.

Vice President, Engineering

San Francisco, CA, US

May 2016 - July 2018 (2 Years, 3 Months)

Machine Learning model based Skills Recommendation prototype deployment & enhancement.

Skills recommendation prototype was developed using Word2vec model by Workforce Science team. To further enable the team's ability to research & come up with proof of concept for features that will help our users make a better decision around skills associated with their role/moment; Prototype was enhanced with an additional Python API. UI was built using jQuery/Bootstrap. UI & API Deployed on AWS EC2 using Gunicorn/WSGI/Nginx.

Annual Service & Infrastructure Forecast, Estimate & Renewal

Completed annual service and infrastructure forecast & estimate for different cloud providers including AWS & dedicated service hosting providers. AWS hosting was detailed to EC2 , EBS, Data transfer, Load Balancer usage, S3 usage, CloudWatch, API Gateway, LAMBDA and AWS business support cost, Estimate was prepared with comparison of month to month versus 1 year Reserved Instance to determine cost benefit & percentage savings.

Director, Engineering

San Francisco, CA, US

July 2014 - April 2016 (1 Year, 10 Months)

My responsibilities

  • Build foundation engineering team
  • Evaluate & Execute Architecture for Platform/API/Front end/Database/Search/Graph
  • Decisions on tools/libraries that help us get ready for launch
  • Prototype key components which help us make decisions around base system.
  • Cloud Infrastructure setup/ramp up , IT Operations management.
  • Application Platform/API development
  • Build automation & Deployment
TalentSky V1.0 Product Launch

Building a product is a complex task , requires understanding all dimensions of products like function, internal and external customer experience, technology, infrastructure, collaboration, team management and much more. I was fortunate enough to build the product from ground up in terms of API platform, all the infrastructure support it needs & working with fantastic group of engineers, user experience , product management, quality management, customer success team, product analysts, talent acquisition team, operations folks.

July 2008 - July 2014 (6 Years, 1 Month)

Senior Architect

San Francisco, CA, US

April 2013 - July 2014 (1 Year, 4 Months)

Corporate Commerce System / Order To Cash for – Business Systems - SaaS Division

My responsibilities

  • Lead Architect for Citrix Online Order To Cash/Business Systems Corporate Commerce Team.
  • Hands on development for Corporate Commerce Product & enhancements
  • Working with business stakeholders (internal customers) understanding requirements & translating that into working prototype , eventually live product feature launch.
  • Working integration / data architects triaging data & integration issues on weekly basis.


Santa Barbara, CA, US

July 2008 - April 2013 (4 Years, 10 Months)

Corporate Commerce System / Order To Cash for – Business Systems - SaaS Division

My responsibilities

  • Lead Architect for Citrix Online Corporate Sales Conversion Project.
  • Building commerce web services integration framework & Hands on development on all aspects of the product implementation. Front End, Back End.
  • Managing team of 7 during development from technical implementation perspective & post launch.
  • Working with business stakeholders (internal customers) understanding requirements & translating that into working prototype , eventually live product feature launch.
  • Working with customer/sales support dealing with Px(0/1/2) issues and managing them effectively.
Netviewer Business Systems Team On-boarding.

Citrix Online Acquired Netviewer AG to Expand European Market Presence. After acquisition Netviewer integrated with Citrix Collaboration line of products, while retaining existing Netviewer customer and slowly converting them Citrix products. As a part of Corporate Commerce Business System technical team leader I worked with our counter parts at Netviewer AG in Germany to get them on board with Order To Cash / Corporate Commerce System; Integration strategies, training technical team on Citrix's business system products , business & corporate commerce technical details.

Corporate Sales Conversion

Lead Architect for Citrix Online Corporate Sales Conversion Project, which streamlined their existing sales process by bringing their business customers on board with e-commerce for their popular online collaboration/support products like GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToWebinar, GoToAssist, Podio, ShareFile, Enterprise suite of products. Built Web Services Integration Framework for communicating with external systems like salesforce.com , SAP via Oracle Fusion Middleware.

October 2007 - December 2009 (2 Years, 3 Months)

VP , Engineering & Architecture / Co-founder

San Francisco, CA, US

MessageDance Product Launch

Launching Self-Funded MessageDance Product to consumers was my first experience that had everything you need to learn as an engineer, product owner, co-founder , customer support. Product was launched in a record time , start to finish , in just 3 months.

Pitching Venture Capitalists For Raising Seed Capital

Post MessageDance application platform launch , It was time to raise seed capital to grow the team and infrastructure and keeping up with growing cost of operations. Worked with my co-founders in preparing presentation with following key things in mind. - Product summary, - Fundamental value proposition - Significant milestones - Revenue opportunities - Go-To-Market strategy - Funding requirements - User acquisition / Cost expectations - Competitive Landscape - Market Gap/Opportunity As a part of this process met with following investors/VC's - Sequoia Capital - Google Ventures - Trinity Ventures - Bay partners - Bessemer Venture partners - Band of angels - Amidzad Partners

September 2006 - October 2007 (1 Year, 2 Months)

Senior Platform Architect

Los Angeles, CA, US

Consultant to DIRECTV IT

  • Architect , Design & Development of Next Generation Partner Integration Framework For DIRECTV Offer Management - Went live with Qwest, DirectStar , IVR partners
  • Leverage framework to onboard new partners in rapid pace.
  • Meet with business on a regular basis to discuss progress , understand issues around customer support.
  • Contribute to design & architecture for data driven offer management initiative.
  • Managing team of 8 during development from technical implementation perspective.
Data Driven Offer Management Design & Architecture

Spearheaded design work of improved Offer management based on data driven methodology which will improve their speed further by 20% in releasing new models and offers

Architecting & Implementing Partner Intergration Framework

As Lead architect designed blue print and developed partner integration framework for DIRECTV using Comergent configurator and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Helped deploying integration service for Qwest/Directstar/IVR and their own directv.com which improved DIRECTV's turn around time for subscription and offer management for new offers and changes to existing offers. Partner integration framework enabled DIRECTV integrating with potential new partners in 50% less time than their old legacy framework

April 2006 - September 2007 (1 Year, 6 Months)


San Francisco, CA, US

Implementing Ajuby For VeriSign's IT Asset Management

Implemented pilot of Ajuby @ Verisign for managing their internal process management for systems. Integrated Ajuby with Nagios (open source IT infrastructure monitoring tool) to align Verisign's IT assets by allowing them to real time monitoring via web services (SOAP).

Building Ajuby

Co-founder/Committer of Ajuby open source project. Ajuby was a Ruby On Rails based open source business application builder and integration platform. Ajuby integrated with CRM systems like Salesforce.com , SugarCRM. Ajuby also implemented YAML driven UI builder.

September 2000 - September 2006 (6 Years, 1 Month)

Application Architect

Redwood City, CA, US

October 2001 - September 2006 (5 Years)

Leader in Professional Services Implementation Team & implementing and Architecting Comergent solution for customers in following vertical markets.

  • Retail
  • Hospitality Services
  • Communications & Media
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Healthcare/Medical.

Also worked with Customer support and Sales in different stages of the sales cycle.

Star of the quarter award

Helped Comergent achieve $320,000 revenue in a earlier quarter than later quarter by achieving performance benchmark as per Hitachi Data Systems approved standard for Product Configurator solution in only 1 week time. This pushed Comergent quarterly revenues more than expected and received Star Of The Quarter award for this achievement.

Comergent Product Configurator Implementation For Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is a company that provides modular mid-range and high-end storage systems, software and services. Comergent implementation of Product Configurator helped HDS build and sell their own & partner's line of network/storage line of products through their specialized sales team. As a Team lead I was responsible for managing team of 5 during analysis, development, implementation phase, building blue print for the solution, integration & prototyping pricing integration. Comergent visual modeler would let modelers build the different storage models and publish it and Sales team used those models to build out custom solution for the customers. Comergent Configurator also integrated with their legacy pricing engine & quote management system. Configurator solution helped HDS shortening the sales cycle 25 %, by increase sales productivity as compared previous legacy solution.

Software Engineer

Redwood City, CA, US

September 2000 - September 2001 (1 Year, 1 Month)

Building Comergent Enterprise Order Management - V5.0

Comergent was a enterprise software company started as a leader in Multi channel eBusiness application, later on transformed and evolved into full suite Enterprise eCommerce Software used by fortune 500 companies. I was part of Comergent engineering team working with Application Services group. We worked on building foundation code for application services that is used to serve enterprise order management. I worked with talented group engineers who worked on different parts of the product, like Profile management, Order Management Core services, Shopping Cart Management, Products & Catalog, Pricing management, Availability & Pricing etc. I was involved in build components of Comergent suite of products with full product life cycle. I contributed to Profile Management , Order Management core services (OMS) , Quote Management, Lead Management, Partner Relationship Management, UI improvements & writing the very first CyberSource payment integration for the product.

December 1999 - September 2000 (10 Months)

Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA, US

Pub-Sub Application Adminstration Module For e-Finance Network

I was involved in analyzing existing use cases and Rational Rose models (UML) designed for Pub-sub. Lead the team which designed a database schema for the cross product platform so that database can be used across different products

Building Bitlocker Backend - Object Storage & Security

Bitlocker was a free Web Service for Publishing Databases. Bitlocker made it easy for consumers and businesses to organize, share, and publish information anytime, anywhere by using the company's free online database service. As an engineering consultant I worked on build back end services, consumer security around user experience & unit testing.

April 1997 - February 1999 (1 Year, 11 Months)

Software Engineer

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

System Analysis For First Data Resources Bank Card System

Work involved analyzing FDR’s different category of products and implementations. The deployments of products ranges from IBM Mainframe computers to Client-Server to Web based implementations. Developed programs/scripts to make modifications in JCL and Proc’s on Mainframe. Involved in an offshore team of system experts on Mainframe Data, in analysis of the DB2 database and later port the database to MS SQL Server, which was later on used for System Analysis.

CyberGram - First Java P2P Network Chat Application.

'CyberGram' - was one of the first java chat application written using java's first network API. All you needed is IP address between two or more machines on a LAN to communicate between two or more than two users.

September 1996 - April 1997 (8 Months)

Post Graduation Diploma in Advanced Computing

Thane, Maharashtra, India

May 1993 - April 1996 (3 Years)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Specialized in C & Unix.

April 1990 - April 1993 (3 Years, 1 Month)

Diploma in Electrical Power System

Thane, Maharashtra, India