What’s my experience

Talentsky, Inc.

May 2016 - present

Senior Software Engineer - Quality

May 2016 - present

Ensure the product to be released to production is functioning per requirements.

January 2021 - February 2021 

Develop, implement, and monitor automated tests for quality control for each Jenkin's build.

October 2020 - January 2021 

Review system requirements and track quality assurance metrics for new functionality in our most recent release.

September 2020 - December 2020 

Ensure pre-release testing cycle includes new and existing functionality.

September 2020 - November 2020 

Consult with the design team and agile development team to ensure high performance of applications and provide support whenever necessary.

Senior Quality Engineer

May 2016 - January 2019

San Francisco, CA, US

To ensure that the first-of-its-kind comprehensive skill library continue to function under load and stress. Using both frontend and backend automation tools to test and ensure critical bugs are not released.

June 2016 - December 2016 

Analyze the status of various front end software engineering issues, including layout and caching problems as well as browser incompatibilities through automated testing.

Demonstrated ability to interpret project specifications (requirements, architecture, functional and design) and create test cases

The front end code logic for skill moment creation was refactored. Condensed four specific methods into one generic method that would accommodate future changes.


March 2012 - May 2016

Quality Assurance Engineer, Software

San Francisco, CA, US

The “second largest fleet of residential solar energy systems” in the United States. Tested, diagnosed and troubleshoot software used for solar design and pricing for residential customers.

My education

University of California Berkeley

August 1996 - June 1998


Berkeley, CA, US

University of California Davis

August 1987 - June 1991

B.A /Political Science

Davis, CA, US

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