Sustainable San Mateo County

January 2020 - present

Community Coordinator

San Mateo, CA, US

Sustainable San Mateo is a small and humble nonprofit with a mission to improve sustainability programs in the Bay Area, California. My role is to engage with the Sustainable San Mateo County community through social media and marketing tactics such as newsletters, blogs, and events which include virtual happy hours, awards dinners, auctions, and educational gatherings. This is a volunteer role.

Plan Social Media Content
April 2020 - Present

Develop specialized content for our social media platforms in collaboration with the executive director, and marketing volunteers.

Wrote a blog post in light of COVID-19 to educate our community about the ties between Zoonotic diseases, the environment, and global food systems. This subject came about in one of our virtual sustainability happy hours and I learned about how we can keep an epidemic such as COVID-19 from occurring in the future.

Talentsky, Inc.

October 2016 - present

Customer Experience Analyst

July 2019 - present

Combed through a database of work responsibilities, updating and editing relevant content for Talentsky's new onboarding flow and enhancing user experience.

Senior Analyst, Customer Success

July 2018 - present

San Francisco, CA, US

I initiated, organized, and planned a program for students, faculty and alumni. The first event as a part of the series was centered around Sustainability. Not only what sustainability means but how we as a community of consumers can be more mindful of the decisions we make every day, and how businesses can exercise sustainability with their practices. The speakers included Chris Garrett, Owner of Devil's Canyon Brewing Company, Christine Kohl-Zaugg, Executive Director at Sustainable San Mateo County, and Krista Kuenhackl, Sustainability Coordinator at the County of San Mateo. Each engaged and inspired the audience by answering a series of questions asked by Professor Sekerka and Jiana Bowie ('15). This event marked the first of many as a part of the Ethics in Action Program at Menlo, which is intended to inspire students to bring awareness to a topic they are passionate about.

I drive project objectives by assisting with weekly calls and day to day activities, communicating with stakeholders at all levels and adjusting project timelines as necessary.

Analyst, Customer Success

October 2016 - present

Redwood City, CA, US

One of my roles at TalentSky is to assure that each enterprise user of our software is onboarded successfully, trained, and given all the information they need to use TalentSky to its fullest potential. My second role is to assist in curating and updating the skills library so that it can best help end users of TalentSky find the specific core skills, areas of expertise and knowledge, markets and tools they need to showcase themselves.

TalentSky Profile Training
May 2016 - Present

It is my job to make sure that users of TalentSky have all the information and tools they need to have great profiles. To better support users, I give trainings in order to help them create a stellar profile, and find skills from our library that best represent their roles and projects. Our passion at TalentSky is to educate and help individuals develop the skills they need to succeed and it is rewarding to be able to develop my training/teaching skills as I help fulfill this mission.

TalentSky Customer On-Boarding
January 2016 - Present

Provided support to pilot customers of TalentSky. Responsible for helping manage accounts and making enterprise users as well as individual users successful on the platform. I also participate in job description analysis to support enterprises with adding roles and skills effectively.

The Bay Club Company

July 2014 - October 2015

Sales Assistant

Redwood City, CA, US

I started working at the Bay Club's retail space, “The Shop”, during my last year of college. During my time here, I got to explore many facets of retail I never knew existed. The Shop carried many high-end brands such as Diane von Furstenberg, Joie, Splendid, Soia & Kyo, Frye, and Equipment. Throughout my 2 years at The Shop, I educated myself on the brands in order to be able to sell them more effectively to our customers. It was very rewarding to be able to acquire loyal customers and make recommendations to them based on my knowledge of their preferences and personal style. After a year of working as an associate at two locations, my responsibilities grew and I became Shop Lead at the Redwood Shores location. One of the needs of the 15 Shop managers across California was that they needed a better way of tracking what was selling and what was slow in each store, and I implemented a SharePoint where the managers could document this information.

Reached Monthly Quota 10/14 Months
July 2014 – October 2015

I helped The Shop reach monthly quotas by meeting and exceeding my sales goals at the Redwood Shores location.

Gilead Sciences, Inc.

June 2015 - September 2015

Capacity Planner

San Francisco, CA, US

I served as an Assistant Planner (Intern) in the Clinical Supply Chain Management Department, making forecasts and assisting with capacity planning. I worked on a resource model as well as a demand forecast for global clinical studies. In addition, I created supply chain maps for all of the assets in development being distributed for Phase I, II, III and IV studies.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Maps
June 2015 – September 2015

Created supply chain maps for over 40 assets in development. Mined through internal databases to find locations of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) sourcing and manufacturing, Drug Product Manufacturing, Packaging and Labeling sites as well as Distribution sites and depots for each product being distributed for Gilead's clinical studies. This project helped the Supply Chain Management Department plan more effectively and allowed planners to more quickly reference the manufacturing sites.

Menlo College

August 2012 - May 2015

Business Marketing

Atherton, CA, US

While at Menlo, I completed my undergraduate requirements and attained a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Also while at Menlo I participated in NAIA Women's Softball which included attending many fundraising and team events, as well as being dedicated to my studies and time management in order to maintain my academic responsibilities.

Senior Capstone
December 2014 – May 2015

During the last semester of senior year in college, I took a class that required myself and a small group of my peers to come up with a viable business plan and present it to a panel of Venture Capitalists at the end of the semester.

NAIA Women's Softball
August 2012 – May 2015

Participated on the Menlo Oaks Women's Softball Team for 3 years

Saint Mary's College of California

August 2011 - May 2012

General Education (Undergrad)

Completed general education while playing NCAA Division I Softball and maintaining a high GPA.