Who's Following Christine Eberle

Adam Binnie
Chief Product Officer @ Visier
alex chan
CRM/Applications Architect @ PernixData
Amy Corona
Vice President, Corporate Human Resources @ Foot Locker, Inc.
Andre Domé
Quality Assurance Software Engineer @ Talentsky, inc.
Andrew Soh
Project Manager @ Sembcorp Industries Ltd
Angela S. Griszell
Anna Ferris
Annabel Su
UX Researcher @ Sembcorp
Barry J MacDonald
Founder & CEO @ MacDonald Financial Consultants Ltd
Ben Christensen
Global Innovation Manager @ SAP
Christian Hunter
Founder @ TouchCommerce.com
Christienne Raho
Talent Acquisition Manager @ Foot Locker, Inc.
Cindy Combs
Co-Founder and Advisor @ TalentSky, Inc.
Cindy Liu
Vice President, Platform Content @ TalentSky, Inc.
David Han
Principal Software Engineer @ Talentsky, Inc.
Doug Dennerline
CEO @ Alfresco
Eric Wilson
Founder @ Balanced App Design, LLC
Gina Miller
HR Manager @ Foot Locker
Gretel Going
Co-Founder, Director, Business & Technology @ Channel V Media
Jiana Bowie
Talentsky Admin @ Sembcorp Industries
Jiana Bowie
Senior Customer Success Analyst @ Talentsky, Inc
Jill Blue Lin
Senior Director, UX Design and Research @ TalentSky
Johanna Lobo
Director, HR & Operations @ Talentsky, Inc.