Michal's History

April 2019 - Present (3 Months)

Staff Software Engineer - Front End

San Francisco, CA, US

October 2015 - April 2019 (3 Years, 7 Months)

Principal Software Engineer - Front End

San Francisco, CA, US

June 2018 - April 2019 (11 Months)

Image Cropper

Implemented a simple image cropper component which opens atop an existing image and keeps its aspect ratio. The newly uploaded image can be zoomed and panned inside the aspect area.

Tabs Enhancement - Project Nirvana

Enhanced generic tabs component to support another mode to display counts.

Senior Software Engineer, Web Applications

San Francisco, CA, US

October 2015 - June 2018 (2 Years, 9 Months)

TalentSky represents a revolutionary breakthrough in employment visibility for companies and individuals: Bringing together a first-of-its-kind comprehensive professional skills library (enhanced by selected elements of IBM's Talent Frameworks data) and social networking, the online platform creates unprecedented transparency into employer skill demand, giving all those who work insight into the value and relevance of their current professional skills, as well as insight into how they can develop skills to become relevant for new opportunities.

Selector/Composer UI Framework Pattern

I have come up with the selector and composer terms to architecturally separate specific user interface (UI) behaviors. A selector UI implements a text input throttle component and a selectable list component to select one or more records. The implementation is hidden from the component user by abstraction. The difference between a selector user interface and a composer user interface is that the selector consists of a way to query data, usually by means of an input text, and show data in a list of selectable records, whereas the composer consists of multiple form input elements to create these records. In React we can expose the common behavior via a Higher Order Component.

Rearchitecting TalentSky Frontend

TalentSky Frontend was rearchitected from ground up for the launch of TalentSky v2.0. Breaking free from old client only rendered frontend written in Backbone to a modern stack using server rendered universal React/Redux. The main purpose of this project was to enable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and promote a maintainable codebase. Being new to universal React/Redux I started by watching React Tutorials then tried a few starter projects before I decided to meet with Pete Hunt (Worked on React at Facebook) in person to get useful tips and best practice insights to share with my coworkers. Using React for view and UI state management and Redux for application state management was not the only learning curve. In addition my teammate Justin and I rearchitected the build process using Webpack, moved away from jQuery to vanilla Javascript ECMAScript 6 (ECMAScript 2015), added Babel to compile Javascript and Sass as a CSS pre-processor.

January 2011 - December 2015 (5 Years)

Web Application Engineer

Milwaukee, WI, US

Sachen is the German word for “things”. Inspired by European designs, Sachen Contemporary Imports aims to provide you with functional items that adorn your home with style and practicality.

Local eCommerce

Designed, implemented and maintained sachenmke.com a local small business eCommerce website with PayPal payment integration.

January 2015 - October 2015 (10 Months)

Senior Software Engineer, Web Applications

San Francisco, CA, US

June 2015 - October 2015 (5 Months)

YouCaring is a free crowdfunding platform that empowers people to help others overcome hardships and enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Facebook API Integration

In this project I spent a good amount of time understanding the Facebook Graph Api mainly to use the know-how on various integration points within the YouCaring application for instance authenticating a user with Facebook, user permissions, user friends, and accessing Facebook photos and videos

Media Manager

I implemented a beautiful interface for fundraiser administrators to manage their media files. The administrator was able to identify their main media file to show on their fundraiser profile and remove one or more media files at once. This interface utilized the media upload interface which I implemented and described in my previous moment “Media Upload”. However this view added placeholders for the uploaded files. Once the files finished processing on the servers the placeholders turned from upload progress information to showing the uploaded files. A nice to have would be to allow the administrator to define the order in which the files show in the fundraiser gallery via dragging.

Web Application Engineer

San Francisco, CA, US

January 2015 - June 2015 (6 Months)

Risk Management Support Tool

I implemented a user interface for support administrators to intercept malicious fundraiser profiles by blocking or removing the profile form the live website. This was my first project for YouCaring and it was the first User Interface for YouCaring handled entirely by ajax requests. The administrator benefited from intuitive user experience and high web performance.

CSS Charts

Implemented fully responsive CSS only charts to visualize fundraising expenses by competitors.

February 2008 - January 2015 (7 Years)

Senior Software Engineer, Web Applications

Waukesha, WI, US

March 2013 - January 2015 (1 Year, 11 Months)

In my role as a Senior Software Engineer at Quad/Graphics I lead design and implementation efforts of two major web applications used by well know publishers such as Condé Nast and National Geographic. I was given full trust to deviate from the internal frontend development stack to provide a beautiful and modern user interface and exemplary user experience.

Team Development

Through out my career at Quad/Graphics I successfully mentored multiple entry level developers not only on the internal code base and architecture but also on domain knowledge and best web development practices. In addition, I successfully on-boarded a small offshore team.

Architecture Code Contributor

I was given access to the Quad/Graphics software framework and asked to contribute by acting as an extension to the Software Architecture team.

Web Application Engineer

Waukesha, WI, US

March 2011 - March 2013 (2 Years, 1 Month)

In my role as a Software Engineer at Quad/Graphic I had the opportunity to experience full stack web development by rewriting .NET MonoRail applications into .NET MVC, decoupling business logic into WCF services and REST Apis, and converting existing Ext.js components to jQuery/jQuery UI.

Software Integration after acquisition

Quad/Graphics acquired the second largest printer Worldcolor and with it a lot of software integration opportunities. I was tasked to consolidate similar software features into one application or otherwise implement integration background services to transform input data into output data understood by the consuming application.

Preposition Rewrite

This rewrite served to get Preposition onto the standard internal development stack. In addition I took this opportunity to improve usability and performance. I converted Ext.js UI components to jQuery and jQuery UI and MonoRail to .NET MVC backed by WCF services. The code base has been touched by many entry level developers and this rewrite allowed me to refactor all redundant code and decouple layers by following the Onion Architecture.

Web Application Engineer

Waukesha, WI, US

February 2008 - March 2011 (3 Years, 2 Months)

In my role as a Web Software Developer at Quad/Graphic I spent most of my time getting up to speed on the development stack and existing internal .NET architecture. Towards the end of this role I converted a 90s looking web site to a more modern javascript based web application and became the primary maintainer for multiple .NET Web Applications on the team. I could not achieve this without dedicating my time to the Print Industry which helped me understand our software application business logic.

First .NET MVC & jQuery Application

I created the first .NET MVC and jQuery/jQuery UI based web application for Quad/Graphics. I had the honor to rewrite a 90s website with page reloads on every action into a more modern ajax based web application.

Domain Knowledge

As I gathered domain knowledge by maintaining multiple web applications and responding to day and night support tickets I became the primary maintainer of Preposition and Digital Blue Line Online (DBLonline). Preposition is a web based software owned by Quad/Graphics which helps internal users create multiple variations of templates that a press can process to create printed work. DBLonline on the other hand is a software owned by Quad/Graphics which helps customers verify their print work before it goes to press. Customers can upload pages in multiple formats to the internal ecosystem and use DBLonline to see their paginated print job in multiple ways (book, preview, grid). Customers can approve each page for accuracy with the help of zoom, compare color separation between page versions and revisions and a lot more slick features.

February 2006 - December 2007 (1 Year, 11 Months)

Computer Operator

Honolulu, HI, US

Manage the Hawaii network, help setup WIFI access and overlook print work.

August 2005 - December 2007 (2 Years, 5 Months)

Bachelor of Science / Computer Science / Software Engineering

Honolulu, HI, US

August 2003 - May 2005 (1 Year, 10 Months)

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Milwaukee, WI, US

August 2001 - June 2003 (1 Year, 11 Months)

Business Administration

Luenen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

August 2000 - May 2001 (10 Months)

English as a Second Language

Milwaukee, WI, US

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL)

Successfully passed the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL, /ˈtoʊfəl/, toh-fəl) on my first attempt. TOEFL is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in American universities. The test is accepted by many English-speaking academic and professional institutions. TOEFL is one of the two major English-language tests in the world, the other being the IELTS.