May 2016 - Present (3 Years, 8 Months)

Senior Software Engineer - Quality

May 2016 - Present (3 Years, 8 Months)

Single Thread Messaging

All messages between two users have been merged into a single thread. This is to keep the application current with competitive social media platforms. I was responsible for testing of this feature from UI re-design to the core functionality.

Mentoring a New Member of the Code Breaking Team

We were excited to have an internal candidate join the code breaking team. He will be helping test and break the application to ensure bugs do not get released into production. As a mentor, I guided him through the development process focusing on quality. During each development sprint, it is imperative to quickly communicate clearly to the team of any issues found. Issues can be found either in production or in the development environments. Furthermore, I discussed how to translate requirements into test cases, providing details when logging a bug, and how to keep track of the working sprint.

Senior Quality Engineer

San Francisco, CA, US

May 2016 - January 2019 (2 Years, 9 Months)

To ensure that the first-of-its-kind comprehensive skill library continue to function under load and stress. Using both frontend and backend automation tools to test and ensure critical bugs are not released.

Test Case Management Software Evaluation

In a high paced agile development environment, it is vital that the team has an efficient way to capture the issues using a test case management software. The evaluation included ease of importing and exporting to and from current and future test case management software. It also included the ease of integrating with the current development process, and also allow for improvements and changes to the future of the team.

Refactored Front End Automation For Adding Skills

The front end code logic for skill moment creation was refactored. Condensed four specific methods into one generic method that would accommodate future changes.

March 2012 - May 2016 (4 Years, 3 Months)

Quality Assurance Engineer, Software

San Francisco, CA, US

The “second largest fleet of residential solar energy systems” in the United States. Tested, diagnosed and troubleshoot software used for solar design and pricing for residential customers.

Customer Facing Document Rendering

Implemented the official set of customer facing documents that is required for purchasing residential solar. This includes electronic storage and electronic signing.

Sales/Audit Scheduling Tool

A tool to allow real-time customer appointment creation while minimizing drive time for the Sales/Audit Operation.

November 2006 - January 2012 (5 Years, 3 Months)

Senior Quality Engineer

Oakland, CA, US

Complex corporate environments that require enterprise-scalability and strict access control to prevent data loss. Tested, diagnosed and troubleshoot customer configurations and hardware setup.

Wells Fargo ATM email notification

Delivered a time-sensitive ATM email notification for a financial institution. Completed, tested and delivered the software within the time frame set by the customer.

April 1998 - October 2006 (8 Years, 7 Months)

Senior Quality Engineer

Richmond, CA, US

January 2001 - October 2006 (5 Years, 10 Months)

B2B integration for business partners in the retail sector. Diagnosed the entire end-to-end workflow from; source application, payload format, transport protocol and finally the target application.

Production Support Specialist

Richmond, CA, US

May 2000 - January 2001 (9 Months)

Monitored daily B2B transactions and investigated failed jobs. Advised customers of failures and assisted them in data mapping errors.

Senior Customer Service Representative

Richmond, CA, US

April 1998 - April 2000 (2 Years, 1 Month)

Provided support for customers who needed assistance with their application. Issues from network connectivity, application usage, data translation, or business requirements.

July 1991 - May 1995 (3 Years, 11 Months)

High School Teacher

Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

As an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) of English, I was assigned to teach English in conjunction with the Japanese English Teacher. The majority of my classes were taught at a local senior high school. My duties also included international exchange outreach to the surrounding communities.

Implemented Language Course for Japan's Self Defense Force

Implemented a spoke English course for the Japan's Self Defense Force unit in Sendai City. This was to encourage and engage the soldiers in conversational English.

August 1996 - June 1998 (1 Year, 11 Months)


Berkeley, CA, US

August 1987 - June 1991 (3 Years, 11 Months)

B.A /Political Science

Davis, CA, US

Cross Cultural Committee

As a member of the Cross Cultural Committee, we implemented opportunities for the student body to be involved in cultural outreach. We organized cultural festivals on campus and off campus. We shared and compared our research data with the other UC schools to assess the success and failures of each event.