March 2019 - Present (10 Months)


Benbrook, TX, US

Engaging business leaders in Guatemala to introduce TalentSky.

Opportunity Guatemala

Working with the Guatemalan Ambassador to Israel to deploy a nationwide initiative to introduce TalentSky to the top employers of the nation in Guatemala. Work together with the Guatemalan Embassy in Israel in the funding and deployment of the project that will aim to increase work productivity and have an impact throughout the nation of Guatemala. Guatemala benefits from a strong relationship with Israel from its long history of support, which was recently confirmed by the movement of the Guatemalan Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Through the use of TalentSky, we believe companies will be able to have better visibility of their workforce and allow both the employee and employer design career paths, aid in the skill gap training, and promote growth throughout the nation. Guatemala has a diverse workforce in need of connectivity and skill gap training. We understand that through the leveraging of technology both productivity and employee growth is achievable.

January 2018 - June 2019 (1 Year, 6 Months)

Pilot / Director Latin American Affairs

Dallas, TX, US

January 2017 - February 2018 (1 Year, 2 Months)

Owner / Operator

Cleburne, TX, US

Bosch Aviation served as a flight academy for those seeking to learn to fly, add a rating, or pursue aviation as a career. With four Piper airplanes, the flight school quickly became a training center for many young and seasoned pilots.

The flight school closed its doors on February 2018, after Jorge obtained his type rating in a Learjet 40XR and transition into the turbine world.

It was a fun and engaging journey that enabled Jorge to build both experience and the coveted flight time required to become a professional pilot.